Nutri Mate 3


Exclusive Features that put the SUNCO NUTRIMATE 3 in a class by itself!

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Sunco's NutriMate 3 mounts to the row unit of the planter. As a result, the depth control for the nutrient is based on where the seed is placed. The parallel links of the planter unit let the NutriMate 3 float to always place the nutrient in the same place in relation to the seed. There are 3 depth and 3 distance adjustments. The delivery system of the NutriMate 3 allows for accurate placement of high volume of fertilizer (up to 50 gallons) to be used as starter and continued nutrient for plant growth. The "V" opening is then closed with the gauge wheel of the planter row unit. It can be mounted to the individual row units on Case IH, John Deere, Kinze and White planters. The NutriMate 3 will work in all types of farming operations: ridge till, no till, minimum till, or conventional tillage.




  • Check valve is standard equipment
  • Easily mounts to row unit face plates for most manufacturers
  • 3/8" nylon replacable tube allows use of all fertilizers including acid based
  • Inside long lasting scraper prevents material build up between blades
  • Easily adjusted to both depth of fertilizer and distance from seed
  • Leading blade runs straight and parallel to planter blades. This prevents V-Seed opening from being distorted and soil between fertilizer and seed is not disturbed as with competitive "V" fertilizer openers
  • Exclusive maintenance free 10 degree pivot allows NutriMate to flex independent of planter row unit (especially when following terraces and contour farming) preventing distortion of seed bed and true V seed opening
  • Unique castor action improves planter tracking, reduces bearing and disc fatigue and reduces linkage stress


Double Offset NutriMate 3 

Placing starter on both sides of the row leads to more uniform root development and increase root mass which creats stronger more healthier plants and increased yield.  


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